67 Layer Feather Stainless Damascus Chefs Knife Blank


8" Chefs knife blank in 67 layer Stainless Damascus with VG10 core. HRC 60-62

Total length: 335mm. Blade length: 203mm. Width: 55mm. Thickness: 1.7mm.

Handle area: 30x108mm. Pin holes: 2x4.5mm & 7.8mm centre hole.

*This beautifully feather patterned blade is extremely versatile, this Chef’s knife features extra width (55mm) for improved knuckle clearance and food transferring ability. Unique blade geometry means this expert culinary tool finds the perfect balance between push-cuts at the heal and rock-cuts towards the middle. Whether you are a dinner time hobbyist or a seasoned pro, this knife’s ability in your hands will astonish you.