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Brass Cutlery Rivets  3 sizes (10 sets)

Brass Cutlery Rivets 3 sizes (10 sets)


We have 3 sizes available. Head size / Shaft length - 8 x 17 mm - 8 x 14 mm - 6.3 x 9mm.

Rivets can be cut shorter if too long.. (10) Pairs of high quality USA made brass cutlery rivets also known as compression rivets. Designed to secure the handle scales on full tang knifes and tools like scrapers. Holes for rivet through the knife handle and scale should be minimum 4mm. Countersink the scales with a rivet coutersink drill for a professional result. Insert the female rivet (ladies first) then drive the male rivet down into the female rivet for a firm fitting handle.

Tips: rivets need to be joined male into female minimum 3mm for permanent hold.

Use the countersink rivet drill for professional looking results.

Also available in Nickel Silver.


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